воскресенье, 13 февраля 2011 г.

fred perry in Moskow

Iconic British brand Fred Perry announces the opening of its first Laurel store in Moscow, on 19/1 Petrovka street.
“Each Fred Perry Laurel store is marked with individual design, based on the spirit of the city, where  it’s been opened, its culture and history. In Moscow we open on one of the oldest streets, surrounded by buildings from different epochs: from XVII century brick chambers to Soviet  modernism of the 1920s. Here, we merge the versatile influence of those epochs with the Russian aspiration to change and the modernist spirit of Fred Perry». – John Flynn, Managing Director, Fred Perry


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  1. Хорошо сделали. Бати нравится.

  2. Fred Perry always have a nice design and good stuff for customers.

  3. Кажется, при моём внешнем виде меня туда просто не пустят))